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Kaaba Door - Unframed

Kaaba Door - Unframed

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Beautiful wall canvas of the Holy Kabah door.

Located in the heart of Islam’s most important mosque, Masjid Al Haram, the Kaaba is believed to be the holiest site for all Muslims worldwide. Being the Qibla (the direction that Muslims face during Salah) and the House of Allah SWT, the Holy Kaaba holds great importance in the lives of the believers of Islam.

The Arabic name of the door of the Holy Kabah is Bab ar-Rahmah which means the “Door of Mercy.” It is the only way inside the House of Allah SWT. Access to the door of the Kaaba is only granted to esteemed religious personalities.

• Made from high quality 320gsm polyester canvas
• Environmentally friendly and waterproof

These canvas prints do not come with a frame. If you wish to have them framed please email us at 

Notes: Please allow 1-2mm error because it is hand cut. colours may vary based on individual monitor display setting.

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