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4 Qul Set - Unframed

4 Qul Set - Unframed

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From our best selling 4 Qul necklace, now introducing a beautiful marble design Islamic canvas by Imanah Collection to display in your homes as a daily reminder and stunning feature.

3 Piece set available in 3 sizes made to order. 

Start with Bismillah | 4 Quls | End with Alhamdulillah 

Al-Kafirun (109), Al-Ikhlas(112), Al-Falaq (113) and An-Nas (114).

These 4 Surah’s are usually called the shielding Chapters in the entire Quran. First two defend one from committing Shirk (Considering someone else equal to Allah), while the following ones defend against many evils of this world.

In short, the 4 Quls are very heavy in the magnitude of their benefits that they generate for the believers.

• Made from high quality 320gsm polyester canvas
• Environmentally friendly and waterproof

These canvas prints do not come with a frame. If you wish to have them framed please email us at 

Notes: Please allow 1-2mm error because it is hand cut. colours may vary based on individual monitor display setting.

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